Company dedicated to tissue paper reels handling. Belonging to the paper industry, we prioritize the use of the most cutting-edge technology and the most sustainable processes with the aim to preserve and protect the environment.
Paper is much more than a useful and functional object, it is an element that offers a multitude of possibilities and, at LIMSATISU, we want to cover all of them. We know what, who, how, where and why, being, thus, the best partner in the paper industry.

Quality process

bobina papel secamanos industrial
From selection of the raw material, through handling and final delivery, we guarantee the most demanding quality standards to achieve a total trustworthy product and the conformity of our client.

Technological production

We have state-of-the-art machinery in a nimble and efficient industrial environment which allows us to give the best service and customization to each of our clients.

Logistic & Service

We know the importance of on-time delivery and accurate after-sales service. We respond with adaptability and speed to all needs of each client.
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