Welcome to Limsatisu’s selection of tissue paper products! Explore our variety of products designed to meet your needs in different environments. As your trusted partner in tissue paper solutions, we present you with a wide range of options that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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100% Eco-Friendly Towels:

Our Eco towels are made with 100% pure, natural and ecological paper. They provide an exceptional cleaning experience while contributing to the care of the environment.

Autocut Lever Coil Premium Line

Experience excellence in hygiene with our double-layer Premium Line laminated lever paper rolls. The perfect solution for environments where comfort and efficiency are essential.

Bobina Mini Assecadors Línia Premium

The mini roll of hand-drying paper made of 100% pure virgin cellulose and double layer of the Premium Line offers quality and durability in each use.

100% Cellulose Mini Hand Dryer Coil:

Discover the pure quality of our mini rolls of 100% virgin cellulose hand drying paper. Ideal for maintaining hygiene in small spaces.

Premium Line Hand Dryer Coil

Increase hygiene with our hand-drying paper rolls made of pure virgin cellulose. An essential solution to keep hands clean and dry.

Bio Organic Hand Dryer Coil

Prioritize sustainability with our hand drying paper reels made with 100% organic papers. The conscious choice for your environment.

Premium Line Mechanical Coil

Our Premium Line mechanical paper reels, manufactured with pure virgin cellulose, guarantee quality and performance with each use.

Premium Line Towels

Our Premium Line laminated paper towels are designed for convenience and efficiency in every application.

100% Cellulose Napkins

Paper napkins are indispensable in various environments. Our 100% virgin cellulose napkins offer quality and versatility.

Stretcher Premium Line

The Premium Line stretcher paper is essential to maintain cleanliness and comfort in frequently used spaces.

Cellulose Stretcher 100%

Ensure hygiene and quality with our stretcher paper options made from 100% virgin cellulose.

Find your Ideal Solution

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At Limsatisu, we invite you to explore the diversity of our tissue paper products. Whether you need solutions for hygiene, comfort or efficiency, our range is designed to meet your needs.

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Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers are our priority. Contact us today to explore how our tissue solutions can raise quality and efficiency in your environments. Find the perfect solution with Limsatisu!

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