Welcome to the world of Limsatisu tissue paper solutions, designed especially for the hospitality sector! We understand that excellence in cleanliness and presentation is essential in your industry. As your trusted partner, we offer high-quality tissue products to meet the unique demands of the hospitality industry.

Featured Products for the Hospitality Sector

Hand Dryer Coil

In the hospitality industry, presentation is key. Our hand dryer coils are the perfect solution to keep your customers’ hands clean and dry at all times.

Mini Hand Dryer Coil

Maximize efficiency and comfort with our mini hand dryer coils. Ideal for small spaces where cleaning is essential.

Autocut Lever Coil

Simplify the hygiene experience with our tissue paper reels with an automatic cutting system. Give your customers a convenient and efficient way to stay clean.


Give your customers an exceptional cleaning experience with our tissue paper towels. A detail that makes the difference in the presentation of your establishment.


Comfort and hygiene are essential in the hospitality industry. Our stretcher tissue solutions ensure a clean and comfortable environment for your clients.

Domestic Toilet

Extend quality to your home with our domestic hygiene products. Ensure the same level of cleanliness and comfort for your loved ones.

Because We Know the What, the Who, the How, the Where and the Why

At Limsatisu, we have a deep understanding of the specific needs of the hospitality sector. We know what you are looking for: quality, efficiency and sustainability. We know who we serve: businesses that value excellence in their services. We understand how to do it: through innovative products and sustainable processes. We know where: in every corner of your establishment. And above all, we understand why we do it: to be the best partner in the paper industry, offering solutions that make a difference.

Committed to Sustainability and Quality:

At Limsatisu, sustainability and quality are our priority. We contribute to caring for the environment by offering tissue paper products that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Your Trusted Partner in Tissue Paper Solutions:

We understand the importance of cleanliness and presentation in the hospitality industry. At Limsatisu, we are committed to providing you with tissue paper products that meet your expectations and those of your customers.

Explore Our Range of Hospitality Products:

Discover how our hand dryer coils, mini hand dryer coils, autocut lever coils, towels, stretchers and home hygiene products can elevate your customers’ experience. We are your partner in quality, presentation and excellence.

Contact us today and improve the experience in your establishment with Limsatisu:

Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers are our priority. Contact us today to explore how our tissue solutions can make a difference in hospitality. Elevate cleanliness and presentation with Limsatisu!

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