Produce respecting the environment

In today’s society we demand good products that make our lives easier, but also that the companies that manufacture them respect the environment. But sometimes this creates an issue that not all companies know how to solve.

We must point out that more and more companies take seriously the fact that to produce it is not necessary to damage the environment, but rather to protect it, since this is what guarantees us a sustainable development. strong>.

In this post we want to tell you more about how companies can produce while respecting the environment.

It has been proven that mass production without control can cause great damage to the environment, sometimes irreversible. For example, in China, considered one of the largest producers in the world and positioned as the world’s largest factory, it is today the most polluted country in the world.

Producing thinking only about the here and now, without taking into account that if damage is caused to the ecosystem this will affect us all sooner or later, is just the opposite of sustainability.

Fortunately, more and more companies are taking seriously, among their objectives, improving their production processes and looking for ways to reduce and improve the impact or environmental footprint that these can generate. .  

Here we indicate some resources that companies are taking to improve management and produce, generating the lowest possible environmental impact: 

  • Efficient use of energy. Carrying out energy audits of the processes and facilities that help to use the best available techniques, as well as reviewing consumption monthly, recording these in indicators that allow corrective and/or preventive measures to be taken in case consumption exceeds the permitted thresholds according to needs. previously established consumption rates.
  • Sustainable, responsible water consumption and the use of rainwater. As well as reducing the polluting load of wastewater discharges, selecting the most appropriate purification facility. 
  • Seek new opportunities to valorize waste. For example, the production of biogas or biomass, the transformation into amendments or fertilizers, the extraction of valuable products or substances.
  • Calculate the environmental footprint and identify improvement objectives.
  • Improve the management of hazardous materials and waste.
  • Raise awareness and offer training to workers on the issue.
  • Improve new product design processes. Developing more sustainable products and promoting ecodesign in packaging withbiodegradablematerials.

Taking the environment into consideration and making it an important part of the company’s management, implementing environmental management systems and social and corporate responsibility, will reduce the environmental impact and comply with the social commitment, respecting the environment and promoting sustainability in the production processes of companies.

Although we are surrounded by it, sometimes we forget about the environment and its care. The most obvious example is that in recent years we have continued to emit large amounts of pollutants that damage, for example, the ozone layer or accelerate climate change. For this reason, many companies are working to minimize the carbon footprint that we leave, as well as considerably reducing the dangerous emissions that some companies can emit.

Although there is still much to do, society is increasingly aware of the need to care for and respect the environment that surrounds us. For this reason, and to achieve a healthier world, governments have been modifying legislation in recent decades, creating regulations that adjust to environmental and ecological needs. Although this may worry some companies, there are currently numerous ways to continue producing without damaging the environment.

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